About Hogarth Property Company

Here at Hogarth, we offer high quality furnished and unfurnished turnkey commercial office space with flexible full service leases. We also create free personalized marketing videos to all of our tenants to help you get your company’s name out there. Our aim is to ensure your success, because when you succeed, we succeed.

Our team also offers our expertise if you are trying to manage your own business or properties, with over 70 years of experience between us, we can ensure almost any issues you have can be solved. For more information, check out our services page.

Now, let’s meet the team that makes this all happen:

Simon Lofts, owner of Hogarth Property Company

Simon Lofts


Every business should have one of these stashed away in the office corner cupboard, or the basement.

I refer, of course, to an OCAM, otherwise known as the Office Corporate Ancient Monument.

Having spent over 50 years in the property business, buying, selling, financing, building, appraising, planning, renting and leasing I have witnessed more ups and downs than most of us can do push-ups.

Riding the rollercoaster has been, and continues to be, fun.  And fun, for me, is the essence of business.

As I see it.  Beyond mortality there are no problems which don’t have solutions. One just has to remain calm and patient at all times and the answers will come.

I have the great pleasure of working with a highly intelligent, interesting and fun group. All strong players in their own fields as you will see from their bios.

I invite you now; be you a buyer, a seller, a developer, a landlord or a tenant to come and work with us. I promise you that it will be fun.

Jeffrey Gagne, COO and Property Manager

Jeffrey Gagne

COO and Property Manager

Following in the footsteps of Elvis, Johnny and Jerry Lee; Memphis musician’s answer to the real estate market comes in the footsteps of our very own strummer, Jeff Gagne.

With a Degree in International Business and Colorado Real Estate Licence, and a finger on the pulse of current economics and world events, Jeff takes care of our Management team, and the needs of all our Tenants.

His love of all things tech gives him that extra edge when rendering spaces for development, designing websites and advertisements, and ensuring that Hogarth is always at the forefront with our software and hardware. World traveler Jeff (a year in China teaching English and learning how to order crispy duck in a restaurant) added to a few speedy excursions to Latin America has given Jeff an international gravitas.

Habib Ksouri - CFO

Habib Ksouri

Chief Financial Officer

It has been said that luck has nothing to do with it, whatever ‘it’  might be.  

But here at Hogarth we can disprove that theory. For on a sunny Spring day in 2017 a shy, retiring young man, still at University walked through our door looking for a summer time job.

Now, three years later, our CFO Habib Ksouri (no longer shy and retiring) regales us with his wit and understanding and takes care of business. A company man, through and through, always with time on his hands for both friends and business associates, it’s fair to say that ‘we got lucky’.

Camille Lloyd, Director of Marketing

Camille Lloyd

Director of Marketing

You can take the girl out of Texas but you can’t take Texas out of the girl. And as everyone knows, everything from Texas is larger than life !

So there were no surprises when Camille Lloyd, our Director of Marketing, joined us in the Summer of 2019 and brought with her a huge heart, and boundless enthusiasm.

A data-driven Hospitality and Event Management strategist, with an eye on detail, Camille instinctively knows what our clients want and need, and as our Director of Marketing she organizes all our advertising and promotions with their needs in mind.

Currently Camille is spearheading our campaign of promoting each of our client’s businesses via video and mailout, professionally producing and directing each vignette.

Camille believes that if our clients succeed then so do we. A true asset to HOGARTH and to all who we represent.

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